Working hard.

Last time we talked, we were in the middle of very hard work. We’d just finished planting the vines and were working on getting the fence & trellis system completed.

Since then, the fence is done! We just have to install a couple gates and staple a couple things, but it’s up and looking great. The trellis system is mostly up, the wires are running, and the vines are getting tall enough to be tied up to the cordon wire. We even have a couple that are reaching the first catch wire.

PP&L has hooked up our electricity to the barn and we’re hoping to have the well finished up as soon as possible. It’s been drilled, we’re just waiting on getting the correct pump equipment installed and the electricity hooked up to it.

The rain was keeping the vines watered in the beginning of the season. We’d get a good storm at least once a week and our worries about water were slim. However, the current heat and lack of any rain in the past two weeks forced us to manually water over the past week. We spent all last weekend and the 4th of July holiday watering. We hooked up a trailer loaded with a 250 gallon water container to our compact Kubota tractor and watered 6 rows each day. We’re already on the second round of watering for the week - the first 6 rows were watered again on Wednesday and we will finish up the last 6 this coming weekend. Unfortunately, we’ll have to continue this cycle until we get some decent rainfall. Help us pray for rain!!

Also, as you can see from the first picture, we spent a great deal of time mowing, weeding, spraying, and cleaning up all the rows. Everything is finally looking great and presentable; now, if it would just rain, maybe we could take a day off ;) .

We plan on having an open house at the end of Summer so follow us on Facebook (link the sidebar!) and look for the details on that if you would like to stop by for a tour and some refreshments.

On another but not totally different business adventure, we are growing hops.  So, if you know anyone who likes to brew their own beer, send them our way as we will have some fresh hops grown right here in Central PA.  Which is a good segway to listing the name of our hop growing adventure – Central Penn Hops.  You can check the site out now, but as of the posting date we are just doing some tests with a shopping cart.  Look for rhizomes and hop plants starting in Fall 2012. or

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