Order Vines – Check

On Thanksgiving, we went out to the land and took some measurements to roughly map out where we will be planting our first block of vines.

(This will be the top corner of the first block of vines)

The property is also used by the Hyner Hang Gliding Club as a landing zone and, while we were measuring, a hang glider who took off from Weiser State Park landed on our property.

The hang glider, Joey Nieves, has a website and you can view a video of him flying over and landing on our property.  Click here, from about 13:13 to 14:22 he is heading directly at our property and you can get a pretty decent view of the land. Pretty cool stuff.  I’ll have to incorporate a landing zone for them into our vineyard layout.

Since then, we have figured out what vines we wanted to order and have all the estimates for the deer fencing, trellis systems, irrigation, etc.  We also went on the last vacation we will have for many years.  It was a great time, but what we will be doing instead of going on vacations will be far more worth it.

Yesterday we put in the order to Double A Vineyards out of New York for our small order of 810 vines.  The order includes Traminette, Cabernet Franc, Vidal Blanc and Chambourcin. Once we have these in the ground, I can put in another order with them if we decide to expand next year.  With the spacing we will be using for the vines and rows, we should have about 1 1/4 acres of vines. Including spacing for tractor turn-around and deer fencing, the total area will be about 1 1/2 acres.  Next step – Getting a well dug.

Oh and we got our address today from Jackson Township.  We will be located at 596 Harman Road.

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