Starting the second season..

Our second season is underway.  We pruned  in April which helps delay bud break but with the very late frost on May 13th there wasn’t much more we could have done.  The temperature dropped to below 28 degrees and wiped out all the new growth. Luckily, there’s a lot of great progress going on already and their recovery is looking very promising.  Grapes have 3 buds; primary, secondary and tertiary. The primary were what we lost, but we’ll be fine with the secondary buds.  If we were trying to get grapes off the vines this year we would be looking at less fruit, but this year is all about building the grape vine structure and root growth.

We are currently in the process of securing a loan so we can work towards the addition of a winery to the property. This would obviously be one of the most exciting parts yet, so we’re hoping everything gets approved! Until then, things are pretty quiet at the vineyard.  Mowing, pruning and tying vines.

We’ve been spending most of our time expanding our hopyard on the opposite side of the land. Last year, we planted 150 and we added 400 more this year. If you are interested in learning about that project, check out the website: Central Penn Hops or on Facebook:


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